Todo-CL 2.0.0

A while back I created a simple command line tool that allowed me to create tasks from Launchy and send them directly to Toodledo. My process was simple. I’d create a bunch of tasks throughout the day while doing other stuff, then sometime that night (or the next morning) I’d go through all those tasks and put them in the right container, assign due dates, and make projects out of them if necessary. This works great for tasks that can wait a day.

But what about tasks that can’t wait a day?

I realized that what I needed was a way to add a due date of ‘today’ inline with the task. I played with the code and in about 10 minutes or so I had the feature added.

That was easy, why not take it further?

So I did. Todo-CL has a slew of new options for creating tasks from the command line, or in my case, from Launchy. Here is a snapshot of the README file, which includes the new context switches for adding tasks on the fly:

Additional Options

  • -t –tags comma delimited list of tags

todo.exe a task with tags -t work,play,tag3

  • -f –folder folder to insert the task into

todo.exe a task with a folder -f Inbox

  • -c –context context to use

todo.exe a task with a context -c Home

  • -l –length length of the task in minutes

todo.exe a task with a length -l 20

  • -s –set set a default property

Format = PROPERTY:VALUE (ex: folder:Actions)

todo.exe set default folder -s folder:Inbox
todo.ext set default context -s context:Home

If set all new tasks will go to the default folder or context

  • -h –help display this help screen

To download version 2.0.0 visit the project page on github.

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