Schwinn Prelude Bicycle Restore: Painting II

Its been a few weeks, but I finally moved on to the last of the painting over the weekend. In the previous post we painted the frame in its entirety with a primer and the cream colored base coat. We did a test with the red paint for the lugs and details on the fork, and it looked excellent, so we continued using the same process on the rest of the frame.

Cary spent a week’s worth of evening taping off the frame, afterwards I realized that selecting cream instead of “blue-painters tape” for the base coat was a good idea. We hung the frame up in the paint room and went to work on it with the small Iwata airbrush. Maneuvering around the fork was a bit easier than the whole frame, but overall things went smoothly.


I’m not fantastic with the airbrush yet, so Rick had to clean-up for me from time to time:


Some of the details work was delicate, but with Cary’s knock up job taping everything off, I could pretty much apply my usual brand of recklessness without being too worried I’d screw it up. Here’s how it looked all taped up with paint attached:


Cary is currently referring to it as the Superman bike until the tape comes off (Rick took the tape off a day ago and as I understand it, it looks incredible, I’ll get a picture posted soon).

Next post is decals and clear coating, which should wrap up the decorative portion of the redux. After that will be the bike reassembly, recabling, etc.