Schwinn Prelude Bicycle Restore: Clear Coat


It’s been a while but I finally found some extra time to slap a clear coat on my Schwinn redux. I saw “I”, but really my father-in-law took care of this one. Its delicate work, and I’m just not in to that. Maybe next time.

Clearcoating is really to hide and protect. It masks any blemishes that might be left on the bike, and protects the coats of paint you slapped on previously from rust, nicks, and other marring. It serves a third purpose of course; it makes everything “pop”. The red on against cream look was already a nice contrast, but with the clearcoat applied the red really went from bright to ostentatious… in a good way.

I don’t have any pictures of it to describe it, but the chemicals involved in this process are a bit more noxious than anything else we’ve used in this project. Respirators were a must, and the manual was consulted to get the exact chemical composition nailed down. Rick was extra-extra careful on this one:


The clearcoating itself went on in 3 stages, all applied with the same airbrushes we’ve been using thus far. First a “dust coat” was applied, to fill any gaps and lay down a rough surface for the rest of the coats to stick to. Next a thick layer of clear was laid on. Finally, we wrapped it all up with some touch-ups and gap filling to complete the job

The results are excellent. I don’t think I expected the bike to transition from nice to sexy quite as much as it did. You heard me. Sexy. See the photos.

final final final final

Next up, we’ll re-cable and rebuild the components on the bike. It’s going to be ready to ride very soon.