Cut PVC With Electrical Tape and a Hacksaw

cut pvc

Between parallettes and speaker stands, many of my recent projects have included PVC pipe. I used to really struggle making perfect right angle cuts, the end of the pipe would usually end up looking like a ragged curve no matter how hard I tried to keep the line straight. With all the practice I’ve had lately, I found a method that seems to work.

A few months back I found some instructions for making parallettes that gave me helpful little tip:

Run electrical tape around the pipe so that the leading edge of the tape exactly aligns with the measured marks. Cut the pipe at the leading edge of each band of tape. Don’t cut into the tape.

I tried this for the first time when I made the parallettes and it worked terrifically. It really helps you see the line properly, and for some reason the saw has a hard time getting through the tape, so it tends to stay next to the groove created by the tape seam. Here is how it looks wrapped around the 4” PVC that I used for my speaker stands:


Additionally, if you have to cut the pipe yourself without any assistance, you can do something like the picture and clamp a 2x4 in front of the pipe, then throw a few sandbags or something heavy on top to keep it from rolling.