Last Update: 8/26/2019

Currently raising two kids in the Atlanta metro area. Running as much as raising two kids, a wife, a job and a household allow. I have less time for music, projects and writing in the last half dozen years, but occasionally new things pop up here.

I ran a few hundred milers this year and last. Its my new thing.


VP of Software and Application Architecture

Xylem, Inc

Focusing on changing the way we build software in an the utilities industry. Challenging a lot of norms and trying to stay on my toes.


I’m on the road a lot, so when I make music its most often with tidalcycles. Its rad, and if you want to learn haskell its a good place to start. Last I posted any of that was [here] (


Indian Running, on the recommendation of a sandal-maker I met in Maui who said I have the offroad tires of the foot world. It predates MacDougall’s Born to Run by some 30 years. I’d still recommend the latter over the former.

Just prior to that I got sucked into Fabric of Reality and Antifragile, both of which I highly recommend.

Still reading 30-40 books a year. Someday I’ll tell you more about them all.